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Hello, my name is Salome, and I am the founder of the Fitness Accountability Program.

I have designed a virtual support system with one goal in mind. To help you reach your fitness potential by guiding you in the transformation of your mind, body, and spirit.

If you want to function at your highest level, in all aspects of your life, you have come to the right place.

Let's get real with one another, diets don't work, and that make us feel like failures. The reason diets fail: No support systems and no accountability.

The system I have designed does two things:
1. Supports you 100%
2. Holds you accountable 100% of the time.

We don't do diets. We do lifestyles. You won't fail this time

How does the Accountability program work? You pick your own coach. Your accountability coach will call you every week. You will establish a set of goals for that week, nutrition, meal plans, workout plans, concerns and motivational tactics will be established a game plan is devised and you will work the plan. 7 days later your coach will follow up and hold you accountable 100%. Then we start a new goal set and we work the plan every 7 days we check in and support you on this journey to the new you.

What kind of support will I get? You will receive daily emails with motivational words of encouragement, success stories, recipes, and fun nutritional facts. You will also receive links to discounted sports apparel, fantastic work out routines, motivational music, and videos. Plus, you will have the support and camaraderie of our Facebook Group. Every week we have a large group teleconference. This private group shares from their hearts, and together as virtual support system, we encourage, and uplift one another. Each week we have a volunteer chair the meeting.


How much does it cost? Would you believe me if I told you $29.99 per month!!! The first month is always FREE.

What other services do we offer? Private sessions with our emotional healing coaches to help you deal with the triggers of over eating and repeated cycles of failure. These coaches will you help you overcome the common issues of guilt, and shame often felt by those trying to lose weight.